V380 Networking Issues

How to add a networked device to your phone

Method one: Manually add
1, open the [device list] interface, click [+] in the upper right corner
2, select [WiFi connection completed] or [other ways]
3, after entering the ID and password [OK add], the system jumps to the device List, the newly added device is displayed in the first place in the device list.

Method 2: Local Area Network Addition (Only if the camera and the mobile phone are connected to the same network)
1. Open the Device List screen, Pull down the screen to refresh the device list.
2. The system automatically searches for the LAN device and automatically adds the device display. In the first place of the device list
, successful adding, the preview needs to enter the correct access password (as shown below)

4, the device's first networked device password is empty, need to set a password

During the configuration process, the device voice prompt "wifi connected", but the mobile phone prompts "device connection timeout"

Method one: According to the voice prompt "wifi connected"
→ Click [Next] system automatically searches for devices connected to the same LAN and the new device will show up in the device list, click [Next] if the App can not find any new devices automatically, the page turns to device manual adding page automatically, input or scan device ID [Add], the system jumps to the device list, the newly added device is displayed in the device list first

Method 2: Add LAN (Only if the camera and the mobile phone are connected to the same network)
→ Return to the [Device List] interface
→ pull down the screen to refresh the device list
→ The system automatically searches for the LAN device and then adds the device to be displayed in the device list first

Can't see the image after modifying the routing password or changing the router

· After changing the routing name, password, or changing the router, the network information has changed and the wireless camera needs to be reset to the factory and reconfigure the network.

Device can not be added to the device list

·If the device can not be added to the device list, or the system prompts "The device already exists" when adding, the device cannot be found in the device list. 

Method One: Close the software completely and restart it. Open 

Method Two: Uninstall the software and reinstall it.

How far is the hotspot mode connection range?

→ The general connection distance is 10 to 15 meters, depending on the use of a certain deviation, can be further in a open empty space.

How to check the device ID (device number)

→ ID is the 8-digit device number, which can be tagged on the device body, or viewed in the list of software devices.

How many devices can be added to the device list

→ Theoretically, there is no upper limit for the number of device lists
→ Only one device screen can be previewed at the same time
→ Long-press the device list under local login to manage devices in batches

Feature Settings

How to use the "voice control platform"

☞ [Apple Phone] Click [Sound Control PTZ] to enable voice control and speak the following commands to the system:
 [Left] PTZ Rotates Left
 [Right] PTZ Rotates Right
 [Up] Device PTZ Rotates Up
 [Down] PTZ Rotates Down
 [Enlarge] Enlarges the Current Display
 • [Zoom Out] Reduces the Current Display
 • [Continue] Repeats Last Control Command
 • [ Screen Shot] Screenshot Saved to Album
 ·【Close】Close voice control function

Where live screenshots are saved

Screenshots saved in the phone, can be viewed in the V380 software - [My] - [Album], or in the phone album search saved screenshots

How to use "light control function"

· Single lamp (white light only) and dual light (white light and infrared light) are available for
 light bulb products .[Single Light Bulb] screen only have a color mode, and the white light automatically lights up when the environment is dark.
 [Dual Light Bulb] Automatic shift between color mode and black-and-white mode according to environment brightness, infrared light turns on in black-and-white mode, white light turns on when alarm is triggered or the light is switched on manually, screen turns to color mode and infrared light turns off automatically
. Bulb can be switched on/off manually or auto switch through“light control function”interface (as shown below)

· If the bulb product is turned on, the real-time preview interface does not find the light control switch. Please contact the technician for processing.

Note: The light control function can only be used on the mobile client, the computer client does not support

How to use "image attributes"

There is "Image Properties" function in real-time video in Starlight products
. Click "Image Properties" button to expand [Full Color] [Black and White] [Auto] Three Options
 Full Color: Fixed full color view, star light effect under weak light
 black and white: Fixed picture is black and white mode
 Auto: Image attributes are automatically adjusted by the system

Where is the live preview video saved?

The video is saved in the mobile phone, and can be viewed in the V380 software - [My] - [Album], or search saved video files in the local album of the mobile phone

Real-time preview of video without sound

1) Make sure the mobile phone multimedia volume is turned on
2) Confirm that the device is previewed in real time

What format is the live preview video?

Video saved as mp4 format file

Do all devices support live preview video?

· Ordinary shaking machine and bolt device support real-time preview video function
· Panorama (180°/360°) device does not support real-time preview video function