How to Use Action Camera: Tips and Tricks for Beginners



 Installation Guide:

1)Download gotrack app from play store or Ios Store.

2) Press the up button with wifi symbol on the device for 5s. A message will now be displayed on the screen mentioning the SSID and password. The camera is now in wifi mode and will stream to mobile only.
3) Open your wifi setttings on your phone. Connect to the  wifi hotspot of the device (Actioncam****)  . Enter the password displayed on action camera screen. Usually the password is 12345678
4) Now go to Gotrack app and your camera stream will be live.

How to Use Action Camera: Tips and Tricks for Beginners


How to Use Action Cameras

If you are among these many people, then allow us to help you out. In here, we will provide you with a detailed guide to using an action camera. And by the end of this article, we are confident that you will have learned how to shoot like a pro.

Here are a few useful tips and tricks to help you understand how to use action cameras to its fullest.

Choose a Model with Useful Specs


First off, while buying an action camera, you should go for the one that offers Wi-Fi functionality. In this way, you will be able to share your recordings or shots promptly and with whoever you want.

Secondly,now that let you edit your photos and videos directly from it. Some also come with integrated editing software. Therefore, if you want to avoid the hassle of data transfer for editing purposes, you should get a model with this functionality.

Use Various Angles

For making your final edited video more interesting, shoot it multiple times using various angles. Mount your camera at different positions. Not only would this help in capturing the entire view, but you’ll also get to find out which position produces better results than the others.

For instance, recording from the handlebars of your bike may result in footage that has more shakes, whereas keeping the camera closer to your chest would result in a smoother film.

Purchase Mounting Equipment/Accessories

Common Mistakes to Avoid

From purchasing to utilizing an action camera, there are several common mistakes that people tend to do. Here is a brief list of all those mistakes and ways to avoid them.

Don’t Fall Prey to the Marketing Tactics

native resolution in action cameras

If you haven’t yet purchased your camera, do proper and thorough research before buying one. A lot of models claim to have 4K resolution with some other fancy features. However, the truth is that only very few of them actually deliver what they promise.

There are many 4K cameras whose video quality is inferior to those of normal HD cameras. So, do not make the resolution of the device your deciding factor and look for the overall performance.

Don’t Shoot With a Dirty Lens

For capturing crisp and clear shots and videos, it is imperative that your lens is clean. Recurrent use often results in the accumulation of dust particles on the lens. Shooting while cycling may also attract rain droplets, dirt, and muck to the lens.

Your job is to keep the lens of your camera as safe as possible from these intruders. However, if they somehow manage to get onto the lens, clean it off immediately. Also, make sure to clean the lens on a regular basis to avoid dirt buildup.

Don’t Shoot in Compromised Lighting Conditions

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In case you don’t know yet, the size of an action camera lens is quite small. The small size allows it to collect lesser light per second in comparison to a camera with a bigger lens. For compensating this flaw, action cameras enable you to increase the sensitivity of the sensor or to decelerate the shutter speed.

Yet, the thing is, slow shutter tends to blur out quick motion shots, whereas higher sensitivity significantly intensifies the noise in your images. You can still try it if you want but the result would be distorted, hazy, and blurry images/videos. Therefore, to avoid it altogether, it is best to capture all of your action in the daytime.

Don’t Use the Wrong Frame Rate

what are frame rates?

Many action cams have the capability of capturing high-speed films for playing them in slow motion later on. As tempting and awesome as this function may seem, never leave your camera on this setting on a permanent basis. Not only would it quickly eat up all of your storage, but it will also result in generating additional sensor noise.

The reason for that is simple. A high frame rate increases the shutter speed, which allows lesser light to enter. As a result, you get an underexposed photo, which is surely not the reason you bought this device for.

For best results, we’d strongly recommend you alter the frame settings manually every time to suit your requirements. If the lighting conditions are good, you can keep the settings high, but if it is not, then you shouldn’t go above 30 fps.