1. Step 1 Download the ICSEE pro application on your smartphone
  2. Step 2 Connect the camera to a power source via the adapter
  3. Step 3 Switch on the WiFi on your smartphone wifi settings and connect it to your smartphone(make sure it is a 2.4Ghz wifi)
  4. Step 4 Open the icsee pro app on your phone 
  5. Step 5 Click on Local login
  6. Step 6 Click on add device on the application
  7. Step 7 Click on set up my device to WiFi
  8. Step 8 Click on next when your camera said wait to be configured
  9. Step 9 Confirm you wifi enter the password of your wifi and click on confirm
  10. Step 10 Wait for the app to scan your device and then your device will produce the sound of connecting to router
  11. Step 11 After it's connected Set your password starting with a capital letter for eg Admin123
  12. Step 12 After the password is set it will lead you to the video footage.
  13. Step 13 slide left to right on the video to move the camera left to right and vice versa
  14. Step 14 Slide up to down to move the camera down and vice versa
  15. Step 15 Tap on the speaker icon to recieve the sound coming from your device on your phone
  16. Step 16 Tap and hold on the microphone button to talk from your phone to the camera
  17. Your Maizic Smarthome Dragon Fly camera is ready to use