Cloud Storage Services

How to buy cloud storage service?

Click [Cloud Storage Service] -> [Buy Service] -> Select a Package to Purchase -> Click [Binding] and the binding is completed.

Before binding the device to the cloud storage service, pay attention to:
1. Does the current firmware version of the device support this feature?
2. Whether the current account has purchased the cloud storage service package

How to unlock device cloud storage services?

  1. Mobile phone number login user: Click[cloud storage service]-> [unzip service] -> [Yes] -> [Get verification code and enter the verification code] -> [Click OK] to finish unbinding.
  2. E-mail login user: Click[Cloud Storage Service]-> [Unbundling Service] -> [Yes] -> [Get Verification Code and enter Verification Code] -> [Click OK] to finish unbinding.


Cloud Storage Package Fees

1)【$2.9/month】Videos are reserved for 7 days. Package service period is one month.
2)【$4.6/month】Videos are reserved for 30 days. Package service period is one month.
3)【$29/year】Video is reserved for 7 days. The package service period is 12 months.
4)【$46/year】The video is reserved for 30 days. The package service period is 12 months.

1) The use period of the package is calculated from the purchase time of the package. After the package expires, the equipment stops uploading videos,but users can still access the recorded videos during retention period
2) One cloud storage package can only be bound to one device


How to check the valid period of the cloud service

1) Select the device that needs to view the cloud storage package information in the [My Device] list.
2) Click the [☁] cloud icon in the lower right corner of the device playback window to enter the cloud storage service interface. You can view the cloud service package details of the device.

Note : Package valid period starts from package purchase time


Buy cloud storage package payment

1) Chinese mobile phone system defaults to domestic cloud storage service, supports WeChat payment, and AliPay payment two payment methods
2) Non-Chinese system defaults to foreign cloud storage service, only supports PayPal payment

Cloud storage package replacement and renewal method

【Cloud Storage Package Replacement】
· After getting the new package, you need to untie the old package first, and then bind the device to the new package

[Cloud Storage Package Renewal]
· Click the cloud storage icon in the lower right corner of the device playback window to enter the [Cloud Storage Service] interface
· Select [Renew this service] to renew the package and follow the system prompts (below)

Note: Package renewal can only continue the type of package already bound, and can not be overlaid with other types of packages. If you need to change the package type, please refer to the cloud storage package replacement method.

What is "artificial intelligence" and "message notification service"

【Artificial Intelligence】
· After the artificial intelligence package is bound, the alarm mode is artificial intelligence detection. Artificial intelligence is recognized by the deep neural network system. The person in front of the camera will trigger the alarm and greatly reduce the false alarm rate

[message notification service]
· Once the package is bound to camera,when the alarm is triggered,system will send notification message to users,based on login way,SMS(phone account login user),e-mail(e-mail login user) or “my message”on the App(third party login user)


How many devices can be bound to cloud storage package

· One cloud storage package can only be bound to one camera
· Within the package valid period, the bound device to the package can be changed, before linking the package to a new device, you should unbind it with the current device

· One camera can only be bound to one Cloud storage package
· If you want to change for another package,you should untie the current one, then tie a new one.

Note: The cloud storage service can only query the recording files of the current bound device.

Cloud storage unbinding method

Method 1: Click the cloud icon in the lower left corner of the play window to enter the [Cloud Storage Service] interface, click the [unbundling service] button, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the unbinding (as shown below)

Method 2: After Login V380 account, delete the device which has been bound to any cloud storage on the App,then add back(as shown below).
Method three:Reset the camera to factory mode,the cloud storage will be disconnected

Cloud storage does not have video

1) Confirm that the device is connected to the Internet
2) Attempt to power off and restart the device
3) Unbind the device Cloud storage package Rebinding
4) Confirm [Settings] - [Device Alarm] - Normal setting of alarm area

Why cloud storage video is not continuous

· The working mode of cloud storage is alarm recording. Advanced motion detection is used to trigger recording when there is a movement of the object on the
screen. · The device does not trigger an alarm when the screen is stationary. The cloud storage does not record video.
· Each phase of cloud storage is recorded for more than 10 seconds. Up to 2 minutes, discontinuous in time

Cloud storage video how to delete

Cloud storage videos cannot be manually deleted. After the reservation period expires, the system will automatically clear the recording files.

Cloud storage video can control playback

· Cloud storage video support drag progress, stop / play, switch video, zoom and other functions
· Panorama device supports playback using panoramic mode window


Can I still view videos after expired/unlocked cloud storage packages?

After the cloud storage package expires, the video file will no longer be uploaded.
You can still view the videos within retention period if you haven't disconnect the storage package, once you disconnect it,the server will delete recordings in hours,will not be able to view anymore.