Maizic 6 Months Warranty

In order to make your IOT experience friction free, we offer free repair/replacement service till 6 months from date of delivery.


No need to search for service center or call a technician. Just ship us the product back to our address and we will repair and replace within 7 working days.

The repair and forward shipping charges will be free. You will have to ship the product to us at your own cost.

Is the warranty applicable on all products?

It is applicable on most products except few. Please refer to product page to make sure product has 6 months warranty


What is not covered in warranty?

Accessories are not covered. Please use Maizic adaptors with the cameras, you can order same from here.

Is physical damage or power surge covered?

  Please protect the device from physical damage as the warranty will expire.


What happens after 6 months?

 Repair services are available on case to case basis but shipping charges and cost of repair has to be borne by you.

6 months unique warranty